Best honeymoon destinations in South Africa

Best honeymoon destinations in South Africa

New Zealand honeymooners can relax this summer as South Africa’s honeymoon season is starting early with the opening of its first state-of-the-art honeymoon destination, Poconos.

With the opening at Pocono International Airport on Monday, the state-run airport will be the first in South African territory to offer its guests the opportunity to stay in luxury accommodation for their honeymoon.

The Poconoes, located on the banks of the South African River KwaZulu-Natal, offer an unparalleled level of luxury, with a private beach on the beachfront and a spectacular harbourfront, said the airport’s marketing director, Andrew Tjang.

A three-bedroom apartment with a spa, spa tub and a private gym is located in a state-owned building on the shores of the river.

Tjang said that the luxury hotel will be a great option for couples who want to enjoy the city of Poconoe, the country’s most-populous state, but also for couples looking to enjoy South Africa for their first honeymoon or a long-term vacation.

While the hotel offers a unique experience for both families and individuals, it also has a luxury spa experience that will help make Poconoa a truly unique honeymoon experience, said Tjangs marketing director.

With a range of luxurious accommodation options and spa services, the Poconocos will be an ideal honeymoon spot for any couples looking for a romantic honeymoon adventure.

It is also an ideal place for couples wanting to spend some time together at the end of the honeymoon period, Tjanks said.

The hotel offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools with private diving and jet-ski rental facilities.

The resort has a beautiful garden and an outdoor cafe where you can enjoy local coffee and pastry.

The accommodation also has an indoor pool, which is perfect for swimming, as well as a full spa.

The boutique hotel has its own bar, restaurant, and gym, as the restaurant offers a full range of French cuisine, including French fries and chicken salad, and the bar offers wine, spirits and beer.

The restaurant is also equipped with a large TV, which will help provide a relaxing atmosphere during the honeymoons.

While most hotels offer one- and two-star accommodations, there are many different types of accommodations in Poconoo, including the luxury hotels, and there is no shortage of them.

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