Florida honeymoon package prices increase 10% to $1,200

Florida honeymoon package prices increase 10% to $1,200

Florida is set to get an increase to its honeymoon state package prices, but they’re only going up 10% from what they were last year.

The increase was announced Thursday by the state Department of Revenue.

That’s the second increase in a row.

Honeymoon packages now start at $1.19, and packages from the park to a beach vacation rental in a resort town will be $1 and $1 per person, with an additional $5.50 per person if you book your vacation through Airbnb.

The new prices are for the 2018 honeymoon season.

This year’s hikes are for all packages from July 1 through November 30.

The hike to the resort package is 10% for the first five months and 17% for six months.

For the two years that followed, the hike was 14%.

If you’re planning a vacation to the Bahamas or Mexico, the honeymoons are now the only packages you need.

The cost to get the package to a resort in a state other than Florida has gone up 15%.

There’s a new $1 ticket to get to the beach rental in Paradise Beach, Florida, that starts at $19.95 per person.

For an extra $15, you can add in a vacation package from Paradise Beach to Orlando.

There’s also a $10-per-person package from a resort rental in the Bahamas, with additional fees for guests staying at the Bahamas resort.

You can get a $50 discount on a $1 package.

To stay in one of the most expensive parts of the world, you’ll have to go to a hotel with room prices that average more than $400 per night.

For example, a room in the Grand Hyatt in New York City costs $1k.

The rooms in the Marriott hotel in the Westin Hotel in New Orleans cost $1m.

The increases will affect both people renting a home, and people staying at a hotel, but the increase will only affect people who are renting a property, so they can get the same increase.

You’ll also need to buy a new ticket for the new packages.

If you rent a property in Florida, you might want to keep your price down because you’ll need to rent a new package for the year.

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