What are the best deals in Dubai?

What are the best deals in Dubai?

Dubai (AFP) – In a bid to bring more people into the city, some Dubai hotels have started offering honeymoon packages that include a complimentary hotel stay.

The luxury hotels have teamed up with honeymoon agency Bali Honeymoon, which will provide honeymoon guests with a hotel stay for only half the price of a standard hotel stay, and are now offering deals on a wide range of products including the latest smartphones, tablets and televisions, with a 20 percent discount for guests over the age of 50.

“We are excited to be able to offer a special deal on these high-end products at Bali, which has been a trusted source for our clients and we hope to build a strong relationship with our customers to continue providing quality services,” Bali spokeswoman Mounirah Khadem said.

Dubai’s first honeymoon site is Bali.com, which aims to connect people with people who are searching for honeymoon accommodation, as well as hotels in the region.

Hotel booking website TripAdvisor said it had a list of more than 400 hotels and resorts offering honeymoons, with the latest deals ranging from a 20-percent discount on a smartphone to a 15-percent rate on a tablet, and a 10 percent discount on new products such as the latest Apple TV or a new Samsung TV.

The site also said there were deals on iPads and laptops.

Some of the hotel and resort websites were offering special deals on their hotel rooms, with hotels offering discounts of up to 25 percent, up to 60 percent on a new television, and up to 50 percent on new iPads.

Some hotels have even been offering special promotions on their new iPads to customers who had been holidaying in Dubai in recent months, and on Facebook, with customers posting photos of their iPads and asking whether they could try them out.

Other hotel and resorts are offering discounts for a range of goods and services.

Some hotel booking sites offer a 25 percent discount in hotel room rates.

Hotel reservations have also been offered for a reduced price, for example for a night at a new bar or restaurant.

Hotels are offering special discounts for the new Apple TV and Samsung TV in Dubai.

The iPad deals are also being offered on new televisions.

Airport services, restaurants, a new restaurant, and even an iPad deal are being offered, and guests can also get a discount on mobile phones.

There is also a discount for a first-class flight from Dubai to a new airport.

The hotels are also offering special pricing on their travel products including a discount of up 10 percent on hotel rates and a 15 percent discount at Balu, Bali’s premium honeymoon hotel.

In addition to the deals, guests can buy a new iPad, or upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Other hotels are offering discounted prices on a range the new iPad.

Some resorts are also charging extra for the purchase of new items, including a 15% discount on hotel rooms.

There are also discounts on the purchase and upgrade of Apple TVs, and discounts on new Samsung TVs.

A Bali spokesperson said it is happy to help people with hotel booking, which they have been working on for a number of years, and will provide the hotel with additional resources to increase the number of guests in the city.

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