Honeymoon travel agents facing legal battle over ‘toxic’ honey products

Honeymoon travel agents facing legal battle over ‘toxic’ honey products

A honey product sold in the US has been found to contain lead that is so toxic that it can cause brain damage, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The honey product is called “Dry Hop” and was made by a company called Honeywell, which makes Honeybee Honey Oil.

It is the second time in less than a year that a honey product has tested positive for lead in the U, following the announcement that the makers of a brand of honey products tested positive after testing positive for high levels of lead in their product. 

It was also the first time in nearly a year a product tested positive in the country. 

The Consumer Product Products Safety Commission announced on Tuesday that it has opened an investigation into the products and whether they meet the safety requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration.

The commission has ordered the company to stop selling the product, and to remove it from its shelves. 

According to the Commission, the lead content in the product is “significantly higher” than that in “safe” products.

The company will also be ordered to pay the costs of the investigation, which could total as much as $20 million.

The California-based company said in a statement to the commission that it was “deeply disappointed” by the decision and will appeal the ruling. 

“This product, which we’ve been making since 2004, has been thoroughly tested and approved for the market, and is safe for all consumers,” the company said.

“It has been our practice to provide consumers with safe products, and we do not tolerate the use of products that are not safe. 

Honeywell has taken a proactive and proactive approach to our safety practices, and will continue to do so as a responsible company.”‘

Toxic’ products being sold in USThe honey in the “Dress Hop” product tested negative for lead, the company’s statement said.

The agency has not said what kind of lead content was in the dry hop honey product.

The Commission’s ruling comes after the FDA announced that a brand name honey product from a company in California tested positive, but not for lead.

The company said it had stopped selling the products. 

 “In the wake of the announcement by the FDA of the discovery of lead and cadmium in the products tested by the California company, Honeywell has been contacted by the Commission and has voluntarily removed the product from its store shelves,” the Honeywell statement said on Tuesday.

The US Food & Drug Administration is reviewing the findings of a toxicology report on the dry-hop honey products.

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