What’s next for Canada’s zombie honeybee?

What’s next for Canada’s zombie honeybee?

The honeybee has returned from hibernation, and its arrival has made it a target of beekeepers in several states.

The honeybees have returned to hibernation in the spring, which can lead to a reduction in bee numbers, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This is because hibernation usually doesn’t last long and there is less food available for the bee, which would normally have more time to prepare for a return.

In fact, hibernation is often an opportunity for colonies to take off and nest, said Kevin MacGregor, an agricultural economist at the University of California at Davis.

“You can usually tell when a colony is going to start to leave hibernation by the colony’s behaviour,” he said.

“There is a tendency for colonies that are in hibernation to come out of hibernation faster than colonies that aren’t.”

The United States has been trying to reduce honeybee numbers in its corn and soybean crops, where the bees produce about half of the food for those crops.

But MacGregore said he expects the honeybee to be a major threat to the corn and other crops, as well as the U of A’s agricultural research facility.

The U of T researchers have also been working on ways to combat the honeybees.

“We have to understand how to treat them,” MacGregare said.

He said a better way to combat honeybees is to find a way to control the insects.

“A lot of people are going to be saying, ‘Oh, it’s all going to die,'” MacGregorie said.

But the honey bee’s return can mean more than just a reduction of the population.

In some areas, there is a shortage of honeybee eggs and larvae.

MacGregory said there are many different ways the bees could be affected.

He suggested the hive should be kept in a separate location where they can be fed fresh foods, and that some honeybee colonies may be overwintering to increase their egg production.

“If you’re going to have a hive that is overpopulated with colonies that don’t feed well, it could really affect the population and the viability of the hive,” Macgregor said.

The United Nations says it has no plans to ban the use of honeybees in agriculture.

However, MacGregori said the use is not only detrimental to the bees, but to the food chain as well.

“Honeybees are important pollinators,” he added.

“They are pollinators that provide food to humans and to the environment.”

The U.N. said it would continue to work with beekeepers and the agriculture sector to ensure a healthy bee population in both the United States and Canada.

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